FIFA World Cup Winners, Runners-Up, Results and Scores from 1930 to 2018 | FIFA World Cup History

FIFA World Cup is likely the foremost standard sporting event within the world, drawing billions of tv viewers each tournament. the first competition for the cup was organized in 1930 by the Fédération International Football Association (FIFA) and was won by Uruguay. FIFA World Cup history is packed with legendary names, groups and tournaments. The FIFA World Cup is a quadrennial football tournament contested by the men' football team of the international associations.

FIFA World Cup History

FIFA World Cup History

The FIFA World Cup (also known as the Soccer World Cup, the Soccer World Cup, or just the world Cup) is a world football competition contested by members of the International Federation of Association Football, better called FIFA. the present format of the tournament involves thirty two teams competitory for the title. A qualification phase, that presently takes place over the preceding 3 years, is employed to work out which teams qualify for the tournament. The hosts of the tournament qualify automatically. 

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France is that the current FIFA World Cup Champion team. The final of the twenty first FIFA World Cup played in Russia. The match was oppose by France and Croatia. Antoine Griezmann was Men of the match of the world Cup. The FIFA world cup is a quadrennial international association football competition oppose since 1930 by the men' national teams of the member nations of the FIFA, the sport' international governing body.

List of FIFA World Cup Winners

Total twenty one World Cup tournaments are won by eight national teams. Brazil have won 5 times, and that they are the only team to own played in each tournament. the other World Cup winners are Germany and Italy, with four titles each; Argentina, France, and inaugural winner Uruguay, with 2 titles each; and England and Spain, with one title each. the world cup final match is the last one among the competition, played by the only 2 teams remaining in contention, and therefore the result determines which country is declared the FIFA World Cup Champion.

FIFA World Cup Winners

Year Host Winner Scores Runners-up Third Place Total Teams Matches
1930 Uruguay Uruguay 4-2 Argentina United States 13 16
1934 Italy Italy 2-1 Czechoslovakia Germany 16 17
1938 France Italy 4-2 Hungary Brazil 15 18
1942 Editions not played because of World War II.
1946 Editions not played because of World War II.
1950 Brazil Uruguay 2-1 Brazil Sweden 13 22
1954 Switzerland West Germany 3-2 Hungary Austria 16 26
1958 Sweden Brazil 5-2 Sweden France 16 35
1962 Chile Brazil 3-1 Czechoslovakia Chile 16 32
1966 England England 4-2 West Germany Portugal 16 32
1970 Mexico Brazil 4-1 Italy West Germany 16 32
1974 West Germany West Germany 2-1 Netherlands Poland 16 38
1978 Argentina Argentina 3-1 Netherlands Brazil 16 38
1982 Spain Italy 3-1 West Germany Poland 24 52
1986 Mexico Argentina 3-2 West Germany France 24 52
1990 Italy West Germany 1-0 Argentina Italy 24 52
1994 United States Brazil 0-0 Italy Sweden 24 52
1998 France France 3-0 Brazil Croatia 32 64
2002 South Korea, Japan Brazil 2-0 Germany Turkey 32 64
2006 Germany Italy 1-1 France Germany 32 64
2010 South Africa Spain 1-0 Netherlands Germany 32 64
2014 Brazil Germany 1-0 Argentina Netherlands 32 64
2018 Russia France 4-2 Croatia Belgium 32 64
2022 Qatar TBD TBD TBD TBD 32 64
2026 United States TBD TBD TBD TBD TBD TBD

There will be in a total of 64 matches will be played in the 28 days in the FIFA World Cup 2022. There are 48 matches in the group stage and sixteen matches in the knockout rounds.

Commonly asked questions:
1. When was the first FIFA World Cup held?
The first FIFA World Cup was held within the year 1930, with Uruguay rising as the champions.

2. Who won the last FIFA World Cup?
France. They defeated Croatia 4-2 to won the FIFA World Cup 2018.

3. When is the next FIFA World Cup 2022?
The FIFA World Cup 2022 are going to be the next FIFA world cup and will be held in Qatar within the year 2022. it'll be the twenty second edition of the tournament and is formally called Qatar World Cup 2022.